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Prior to attending University, Dr. Lianna Bahry occupied the majority of her time on the ice rink as a Competitive Figure Skater. It was through figure skating that she became fascinated with movement and body mechanics. She then began coaching which led to finding her passion while working with people to optimize their potentials and achieve their personal goals. Throughout university and during her postgraduate doctorate in chiropractic, Dr. Bahry dedicated her time to becoming an active member of the yoga community and began working with individuals to create programs of care focusing on Functional Strength-Training. By doing so, she fostered a mind-body awareness that carried forward into her practice. Maintaining this holistic belief, she focuses treatment on the restoration of the entire body’s physical and mental function. A mother herself, Dr. Bahry has benefited tremendously from ongoing care received throughout her pregnancies. She has a special interest in working with pre/post natal patients and paediatrics. She strives to empower her patients and build community. Dr. Bahry’s expertise in biomechanics and the neuro-musculoskeletal system has allowed her to successfully care for patients with a wide variety of conditions. She utilizes a holistic approach where the entire body is treated, not just the symptoms. Dr. Bahry will evaluate the body’s physical function through a comprehensive and structured approach.

Degrees and Diplomas Doctor of Chiropractic - Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College Bachelor of Kinesiology - York University

Additional Training Medical Acupuncture and Cupping therapy Pelvic floor strengthening and rehabilitation Exstore Soft tissue Assessment System Myofascial Release Techniques

Prior to attending University, Dr. Lianna Bahry occupied the majority of her time on the ice rink... Read More

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